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Total body cleansing goes far beyond the superficial effects of a laxative. The idea of a cellular cleanse is to flush toxins out of tissues in muscles and internal organs. Many ancient cultures used herbs , sweat baths and saunas, deep breathing, and fasting to achieve deep detoxification, although they didn't know that the human body was made up of individual cells.

Today researchers have learned that the body can store toxins or impurities found in food, air, water, and topical products. These deposits of harmful substances can reach a point where health is compromised. Alternative healing advocates stress this condition more than most medical doctors do, but even mainstream medicine recognizes heavy metal toxicity, the negative effects of water retention and constipation, and the problem of shallow breathing.

Europe was the leader in fasting for health, as well as keeping the whole digestive system clear and functional. The Far East and India developed many restorative herbal formulas and extremely effective bathing techniques unfamiliar to the West. American Indians used sweat lodges for purification, both physical and spiritual. Today, advocates of juicing fruits and vegetables claim superior detox benefits as well as a supply of easily-digested nutrition.

Although most people who use a detoxification program or formula are neither doctors or scientists, they are able to tell when they feel better. Their testimonials to friends and family are the most effective advertising for the benefits of cleansing and the use of formulas. Positive rsults include increased energy and focus, clearer skin , and improved digestion.

A detox that works on the entire system - flushing toxins out of every cell - is different from a laxative. A colon cleanser helps rid the body of accumulated solid wastes in the bowel. This may well affect total well-being, but it falls short of the total body cleanse many want. Diuretics are another quick fix, but one that can cause dangerous losses of needed minerals.

Fasting does help cells release wastes. At least three days without solid food is needed to start the cleansing process. All processed foods, refined carbohydrates, sugars, dairy products, meat, alcohol, and caffeine must be eliminated. Some fasts are complete, allowing nothing but pure water. Others use herbal teas, broths, juices, and fruits like apples. Grapes, and watermelon.

If a fast is to last more than three days, supervision by a trained therapist or doctor is recommended. Fasts can last for weeks without harmful effects , if done properly. Partial fasts, when all processed and cooked foods are eliminated, can be effective if the diet is raw, fresh fruits and vegetables. Working during a total fast is difficult, since the body is using a lot of energy for detoxing and concentration may be impaired, and strenuous exercise should be avoided, as well.

This is why commercial products that can be used without fasting have become popular. Even product manufacturers that promise results 'no matter what' recommend eliminating certain foods and relying on fresh fruits and vegetables. It's important to know the track record of the manufacturer and to follow directions exactly. Authorities suggest getting your doctor's approval before using a commercial product or beginning a fast.
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